Enterprise and Supplier Development Course

The Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) course is mutually beneficial to both your organisation and your suppliers. It aims to lower procurement costs, increase the quality of a product, improve service delivery and positively impact the scorecard. Improving the ESD scorecard by socialising small Black-owned suppliers into the company supplier base and developing the relevant training programmes for such suppliers.


Course Outline

The ESD course aims to equip attendees with the tools to:

  • Understanding the legislative landscape with regard to BEE
  • A brief introduction to the ESD scorecard
  • Developing an effective procurement strategy and plan
  • Best practice techniques to review of the procurement policies, systems and processes, to align them to the new regulatory requirements
  • Developing robust change management and communication systems
  • Structural vendor re-formation strategies and re-defining vendor profiles
  • Developing strong synergies and inter-group linkages where relevant
  • Understanding operational models for spend segmentation and procurement restructuring
  • Building strong localisation plans and implementation strategies
  • Tools and techniques for identifying, developing and structuring an effective ESD programme
  • Linking procurement and supplier development
  • Building effective procurement teams
  • Aligning PPPFA regulation to the BEE scorecard and the Mining Charter requirements
  • Managing and reviewing supplier relationships

Cost of this course TBC

This Course Is For You If

You’re the person responsible for BEE in your organisation and you are looking to expand your understanding of how the Enterprise and Supplier Development will affect you. i.e.

  • MDs, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs
  • Heads of Supply Chain, Buyers, Procurement Managers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Preferential procurement Professionals
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development specialists
  • Any individual who has been appointed as the BEE Champion to take care of the BEE scorecard

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23-25 January 2024, 20-22 February 2024, 12-14 March 2024, 23-25 April 2024, 21-23 May 2024, 25-27 June 2024, 16-18 July 2024, 20-22 August 2024, 17-19 September 2024, 22-24 October 2024, 19-21 November 2024