Valuing Diversity Course


This workshop covers self-awareness and managing dynamics in your private and professional life.

  • Manage attitudes and behaviours within the organisation with an emphasis on self-awareness
  • Manage diversity and discrimination in a peer group and in the larger context of the organisation
  • Create a collaborative culture of inclusivity and tolerance in the organisation

We recommend conducting training in groups of similar occupational level in a ‘top-down approach i.e. management, supervisory staff, staff members, etc. where possible. However, we ensure that there are overlapping common elements in all workshops to create synergy. The workshop may include a ‘company values’ section to supplement the generic content and ‘bring it to life.

Cost of this Course TBC


Course Outline

The one-day Valuing Diversity training workshop comprises the following:

  • Defining diversity, discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes
  • A brief overview of the history of Africans, coloureds, Indians, and whites in South Africa
  • Reflection on the link between history and influence
  • Identifying key stakeholders in our private lives and at work
  • Discrimination and diversity in our private and public lives
  • Stereotyping: separating fact from fiction

Cost of this course TBC

Who should attend

  • BEE sponsor
  • Human Capital Professionals
  • Procurement Professionals
  • The person responsible for BEE